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緑谷出久 (midoriya izuku) ([personal profile] nonad) wrote in [community profile] fafnir2017-09-10 01:34 am

i want to tell you we're all right

[it's a normal u.a. day at a normal u.a. high except for the fact that one of class 1-A's most famous students just had to be saved from falling off a five-story fake building in a routine rescue simulation

thankfully Midoriya's was fast enough to get to Todoroki before he stumbled and fell over the edge of the roof they were using as part of their route— an extremely uncharacteristic move by Todoroki, and one that almost made Midoriya scream out loud.

while it's relatively easy for Midoriya to pull him back and towards the safety of the center of the roof, he still can't quell his feelings of panic. it wasn't like Todoroki to do something that clumsy, and the way he'd been moving all day was off. it's hard for Izuku to keep the shrillness from his voice, the hand he used to grab his friend still tight around his arm.]

Hey! Are you okay?

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