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i'm dying to know

[of course, Mikleo has been planning this for years. hundreds of years, if anyone is keeping track, because the water seraph definitely did. after an extended period of alone time in one of Mikleo's more remote residences, the Shepherd and his seraph would retrace the steps of their first great journey, slowly acclimating Sorey to all the changes the world had experienced during his slumber.

that had been. The Plan, anyway, before Sorey had started putting his own plans into motions. though, knowing Sorey, it was less of a plan and more of a spontaneous feeling. it was certainly the kind of impression Mikleo was given when he was interrupted in his explanation of the Ladylake public library with a rather loud 'okay, this is amazing, but what about the ruins?'

of course Mikleo had been carefully exploring and categorizing ruins across the world for as long as Sorey had been gone, and he had planned to take his friend to all them in due time— but Sorey had decided that time was now, so Mikleo picked one at random, at away they went.

Mikleo can only complain so much. really, he's still as much of a ruin freak as Sorey is at heart, and the familiar smell of wet stone and stale air is enough to get his heart pounding with excitement. the seaside temple Mikleo chooses for their excursion is a difficult one to reach, but the climb down the nearly sheer cliff face goes about as well as he could hope for. that, combined with the realization that for the first time he'll get to show Sorey everything in a new ruin first leaves him nearly breathless.]

You'll see once we get inside, but it's obviously some kind of water shrine, but very different from Guinevere. [he can't suppress the excitement on his face as he turns his head to look between Sorey and the imposing entrance.]

It'a easier to move around in too, from what I remember.
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[ sorey, who was just taking what could be called a very, very long nap, isn't the one who had to suffer without mikleo for all those years. he didn't have to suffer through anything mikleo and the rest of his friends did. he was fast asleep, wrapped in a world of sweet dreams.

this is why he has to remind himself why mikleo, usually so reserved, was so quick to launch himself at him when sorey called his name. mikleo... really missed him that much. sorey didn't doubt he would, but putting himself in mikleo's position is unimaginable. all he knows is that he'd risk toppling him over, too.

sorey's excited by the ruins, but he's also using them as a distraction of sorts, one that has worked before; mikleo is beautiful, has only gotten what sorey would call infinitely more beautiful over the long years, and it's hard to take his eyes off of him every second mikleo is talking instead of looking. right now, sorey's brain is pretty split into 50% ruins, 50% mikleo, which isn't so unusual. with mikleo as eager as he is, though, it's easy to settle on the former. he just feels like his heart is going to burst from all that excitement and happiness. ]

Guinevere was neat, but... yeah. Not the easiest place to explore, from what I can remember.

[ those puzzles. yikes. that aside, both he and mikleo seem a bit surprised by the fact that sorey's memory is as good as it is. there's a lot of fog, of course, but... there's a startling amount of things he can still see so clearly, people and places. ]

Well, what are we waiting for? I'll race you to the entrance!

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[ sorey still can't get over how tall mikleo got. it's something he's been marveling at. he's not surprised he can keep up, for once, but it's still exciting. ]

Yeah, yeah, I got i—

[ ... nope. and down he goes, tripping over his own two feet seconds after passing through said archway and paying no mind to mikleo's warning in the midst of being lost in his thoughts. ]

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Yeah, I'm good... That kind of stung, though.

[ he pouts for a good five seconds or so before bouncing right back to a smile, standing up and dusting himself off.

without a word, he offers his hand out for mikleo's to take. then neither of them will trip, right?

and he'll take any excuse to hold mikleo's hand. there's that, too. 98% that. ]

C'mon. Almost there!