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sandalphon ([personal profile] didymous) wrote in [community profile] fafnir2017-03-24 12:21 am

this is the end of us

[it was a mistake or, maybe it was more accurate to say now, that he was the mistake.

he hadn't followed Lucifer with the intent to eavesdrop on his conversation with their Astral overseer, exactly— the other archangels never came to the laboratory, and Sandalphon was always there, alone, except for when Lucifer had business to attend to. it was true that he was anxious to learn his true purpose, the reason for his existence, but he had really just been intending to find out how soon Lucifer would be coming back to the lab again.

but instead, he overhears everything. Lucifer asking the Astral who made them about Sandalphon's reason, something he would've never spoken about if Sandalphon hadn't confided in him just moments before. he thinks now how foolish that was, how maybe it would've been better to go on pretending that he had some sort of use, some place in the Astral's grand design, rather than learn the sobering truth. how much longer would he even have in his position in the lab? the Astral said he had no use, and why would they ever have need of him when Lucifer existed as he is now—

he doesn't know how far he's walked down the corridor, or how loud he was while fleeing. he doesn't care. part of him is growing angry— how could they scrap him, before he's even been given a chance to prove himself? he wraps his arms around his chest in an attempt to curb the emotions that are rapidly spiraling out of his control. what sort of angel wept in frustration at their own uselessness? it was shameful.]

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