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remus. ([personal profile] conatus) wrote in [community profile] fafnir2017-03-23 10:17 pm

an awful noise filled the air

[it can take a lot out of you.

'can' being the key phrase here, because Remus stopped giving a shit several hundred years ago.

camp following was always a dirty, tiresome, bloody kind of business, which of course meant Illyrius couldn't send anyone but Remus out to do it. the man gets even the slightest whiff that another vampire might be trying to exert influence over the outcome of a battle— or even the vague feeling that some loner might be encroaching on his territory, well shit, Remus, get out of your gay baby jail, time to go Crusading.

and as much as he usually enjoys getting out and being around people who are just living life, the realities of war always sour that a little. there's no pretending that humans aren't bugs to be squashed when they fall in drove against each other, alive one night and dead in the killing fields the next. he should really just skip camp after the next battle and head somewhere more pleasant for a few months. it's not like anyone was going to miss a crusade camp prostitute.

poor Raymond least of all, having died in the sick tent barely an hour before. not that Remus had been there, but the doctor had told him, after asking politely, and left him alone there with only a little more prompting. in any case what harm could 'Lupa', a little slip of a girl, possibly do?

if someone happens to wander in, they might be able to catch the moment 'her' teeth grow into something animal and unkind, dark hair spilling over a slender shoulder as he leans in to feed off of the freshly dead soldier.]

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