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太宰治 [dazai osamu] ([personal profile] buythefarm) wrote in [community profile] fafnir2017-01-12 11:48 pm

lights they blind me

[it's been a remarkably slow day at the ADA offices. whether it's the dark forces usually at work in Yokohama are taking a day off or simply a small moment of genuine peace, Dazai doesn't actually care. what it means to him, in this moment, is that he has absolutely no excuse to take off from the office early. he's trapped here, with nothing to do but look upon the faces of his hard working coworkers, and make up excuses for why he isn't working on his backlog of work like everyone else.

for the past two hours, this excuse has been Kunikida. he started small, with the usual constant stream of inane, annoying questions. but he needed to make sure he was doing it right, Kunikida-kun! you're always so diligent, pouring over everything with such concentrated, you really must be putting you're all into it!

he's turned the heat up slowly by shirking his physical form and dissolving into something more liquid, viscous, that oozes from his own desk steadily onto Kunkida's. he retreats when yelled at, of course, but returns a few minutes later, steadily gaining ground, closing in on his target.]

Kunikida-kun, what order are the close case papers supposed to be filed in again? [he's sitting on his desk now. fully aware of what order they're meant to filed in. sounding the most sincere.]

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