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takashi shirogane ([personal profile] blackguards) wrote in [community profile] fafnir2016-07-28 04:38 pm

and if i hurt you then i'm sorry

[he tells himself it's easier this way.

the adrenaline pumping through his veins makes it easy to ignore the hushed murmurs of the small crowd that's gathered to watch this, the half-breed traitor being put through his paces by Haggar's perfect soldier. their slowly growing admiration for the human man made to complete the empire's total domination of what's left of the galaxy is only bolstered by the fact that he seems to effortlessly knock the younger man down, again and again, the ferocity with which he strikes only increasing as time goes on.

but for Shiro (though there's only one person left who still calls him that), this demonstration is more ... complicated. his outward expression is a blank slate, almost icy, the perfect countenance for the perfect soldier. but underneath his surface thoughts of unwavering loyalty, of unquestioned the unquestioned thirst for enemy blood, Shiro can't shake that primal urge in him to protect Keith. everything else from his past life ebbs and flows through the recesses of his mind, always tantalizingly out of reach. but Keith— his intent with Keith is still the same. even if some of his methods have changed.]

Get up. [there's no warmth in voice as he speaks, the rise and fall of his bare chest measured and even despite the sweat on his brow. disarming and and subduing Keith again and again hasn't been easy, exactly, but Shiro still hasn't come close to losing a round.]

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