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and if i hurt you then i'm sorry

[he tells himself it's easier this way.

the adrenaline pumping through his veins makes it easy to ignore the hushed murmurs of the small crowd that's gathered to watch this, the half-breed traitor being put through his paces by Haggar's perfect soldier. their slowly growing admiration for the human man made to complete the empire's total domination of what's left of the galaxy is only bolstered by the fact that he seems to effortlessly knock the younger man down, again and again, the ferocity with which he strikes only increasing as time goes on.

but for Shiro (though there's only one person left who still calls him that), this demonstration is more ... complicated. his outward expression is a blank slate, almost icy, the perfect countenance for the perfect soldier. but underneath his surface thoughts of unwavering loyalty, of unquestioned the unquestioned thirst for enemy blood, Shiro can't shake that primal urge in him to protect Keith. everything else from his past life ebbs and flows through the recesses of his mind, always tantalizingly out of reach. but Keith— his intent with Keith is still the same. even if some of his methods have changed.]

Get up. [there's no warmth in voice as he speaks, the rise and fall of his bare chest measured and even despite the sweat on his brow. disarming and and subduing Keith again and again hasn't been easy, exactly, but Shiro still hasn't come close to losing a round.]
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[ "you fight like a Galra" is only half-true, Keith thinks, because if he fought like a real Galra, he wouldn't be so easy to beat. He's stronger now that he's embraced the Galra side, stronger now that he isn't hiding under a thin veneer of humanity, stronger now that he's been training as hard as he can to stay near Shiro's side -- but he still isn't strong enough to beat Shiro. Even if Shiro didn't have the Galra arm, he doesn't think he'd manage it.

but that's fine. He doesn't need to win; there's no one's respect to earn. There's just more respect for Shiro, for their Champion, for watching him at his bloodsport games.

Keith gets back up, but his movements are slow even as he does so, blunted by the weight of enough failures that he's tired down to his bones.

He doesn't complain, he just falls back into a ready position, taking in a breath and trying to steady himself. He's lasting less and less time with each round before he hits the ground, before Shiro subdues him, and it seems like Shiro is only getting stronger the weaker Keith gets -- but Keith will pass out before he gives up. On this, on Shiro, on any of it.

He still needs to be strong enough to stay by Shiro's side. ]

Ready. [ Not that he needs to say it -- but it helps, to hear the sound of his own voice in reply to Shiro's. ]
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[ Keith realizes where that punch is headed a half-second too late; he's halfway into the motion of rotating away from it when it catches him. He manages to deflect enough that he doesn't go down immediately -- he taggers back, first, tries to take in a breath and then goes down onto a knee. Really, it's almost worse trying to dodge, it just drags out the inevitable even longer, just drags out the fact that he can't possibly win against Shiro.

Keith's body hurts, and he's going to be impressed if he can even get out of bed tomorrow (he will, he knows; the Galra have no tolerance for someone needing to nurse their wounds, and downtime only drives Keith crazy anyway). Really, he'll be impressed if he can move at all once the adrenaline stops flowing, but for now it still is, and he lurches back up onto his feet. The pause is only going to serve to ensure his loss, really; Shiro doesn't need the extra recovery time, and Shiro as he is now isn't going to wait for Keith to always get his wits back around him.

Keith can understand the sense in it, after a fashion. If it were a real battle, if he were really fighting (against Zarkon, he thinks, a little bitterly), no one would wait for him to get up when they could just kill him.

It's still a foreign idea that Shiro could be so ruthless, though. It's still hard for Keith to do the same (but he knows, deep down, that the only reason it's so hard is because he won't let himself give in, hasn't let himself dissolve into being as Galra as they say). ]
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[ Keith goes down, this time, letting out a grunt of pain as he does. His arm goes up to guard his head too late, too far after the fact, trying to protect himself from a blow that's already landed. He moves for a second like he's trying to get back onto his feet, but then he stops -- there are stars in his vision, and a thick pain at the back of his skull that's making him nauseas. He's pretty sure the only reason he doesn't have a cracked skull is the Galra in him. Well -- that and the fact that Shiro's only using his human arm.

If they were counting to three, Keith would definitely be out by even the slowest counter. He breathes hard, trying to make the world equalize into some degree of coherence again.

He manages it, but it's obvious he's already lost; waiting too long just makes the pain of the other hits Shiro has landed set in more.

He pushes himself up into a kneel, weight resting more on his hands than his knees, and tries to focus on one of the blurry Shiro's in front of him. ]