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just what summer ever meant to you

[logically, Mikleo knows its not something he should be upset about. the whole situation was awkward, and there was really nothing else they could do but lie to the knight captain and hope for the best.

but still.

later that day Mikleo's still in something of a funk about, simultaneously wanting to be too close to Sorey or not near him at all. Sorey, who seems totally oblivious to what's going on. who hasn't even stopped once to consider Mikleo's feelings.

it's some innocent comment that finally pulls the trigger, something about the weather, which makes Mikleo frown and snap;]

I don't know, why don't you go ask your wife.
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[ sorey was tilting his head up to admire the sunset beaming through the purple and pink puffs of clouds, and he thinks he might have absentmindedly asked mikleo how amazing the sunset is when mikleo jolts him out of his lazy daydream. they're settling in for the night, and he's staring over the edge of a balcony overlooking the town.

he turns to mikleo with a slight tilt of his head, lips curving into a confused frown. ]

My... wife?
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[ sorey stares at him, dumbfounded, until it clicks in his brain. oh. that. ]

Wait... Don't tell me you're upset over that? Come on, Mikleo, it worked, didn't it? Lighten up.

[ he's smiling-- his tone isn't condescending or judgmental, just a combination of easygoing and tender that is reserved for mikleo and mikleo only. ]
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That's because I had to be as convincing as possible! Acting isn't exactly my specialty, you know? I didn't see anyone else coming up with a better idea.

[ he rakes a hand through his hair, tousling it, before resting that hand on the crown of mikleo's head. that's when the suspected reason for mikleo's grumpiness dawns on him, and the light bulb that goes off in his head is very much obvious, judging by the slow grin spreading across his face. ]

Hold on a second. You're not... jealous, are you? Over Rose?
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[ sorey shakes his head, his smile softening, eyes glimmering. the sunset casts shadows over both of them, and it still astounds him just how beautiful mikleo is, really, even with that sulky pout on his face. ]

Would you believe me if I said that there's no way I wouldn't rather marry you?
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Good. I was hoping you would.

[ without a hint of hesitation, his hand slides down to cup mikleo's cheek and he leans in to press a chaste kiss to his lips, other arm hanging at his side. it just feels like the right thing to do, proving it just like this.

when he breaks apart, he's still smiling, fond. ]

... See? I'm all yours.

[ as far as he's concerned, he belongs to mikleo, belongs by his side. mikleo is warmth and security and home. ]
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[ a light gasp of surprise is muffled against mikleo's lips, jostled, but sorey can't say he minds the sudden surge of contact at all. that arm snakes its way around mikleo's slender waist, keeping him in a warm, secure hold.

but as much as he'd like to pull him closer, sorey is the one to break the kiss again. he has to admit that mikleo initiating things like this never fails to give him a little thrill, but it's too unusual for mikleo to be so candid when they're in public, despite the lack of people around and the privacy they've been given.

it's obvious, that mikleo wants something from him, and sorey has never been able to deny mikleo anything. he just needs to know what, exactly, it is that he wants. ]

... Mikleo?

[ his name alone is a question in itself, and sorey brushes his windswept bangs aside while he waits for an answer. ]
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[ sorey swallows, thickly. something about the soft tone of mikleo's voice and the breath tickling his ear makes a shudder of anticipation course down his spine, and it's a good feeling. ]

Yeah. Sure. It's... It's getting dark, anyway.

[ he offers mikleo a reassuring smile before turning around to head into the inn and to their shared room for the night, slipping his hand down to catch his thin wrist in a gesture that sorey doesn't even think twice about anymore. he's hesitant to do anything else, still not quite sure what mikleo's angle is and even whether or not he's still annoyed with him. ]
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[ sorey backs up and takes in mikleo's red cheeks and wet lips with bright eyes, a very faint flush spreading down his neck. his heartbeat stutters, but his words are spoken with conviction. ]

Of course. There's no question.

[ the hand on his wrist tightens while the other comes up to thread through mikleo's hair, sorey's smile never fading. ]

Do you really think I'd do this with anyone else?

[ and then sorey kisses him another time, soft and slow, but something tells him that that isn't what mikleo wants, that maybe he wants something more insistent. there's a certain energy radiating off him, the air between them thick with it.

so sorey is content to let mikleo take the reigns, leaving everything in his hands. truthfully, sorey can't help but think this is all a little silly, mikleo being jealous of rose, of all people, but at the same time it's hopelessly endearing and terribly, terribly cute. ]
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[ sorey tilts his head to meet mikleo halfway, parting his lips easily and cradling the back of his head. his hand drops down to mikleo's shoulder so he can take a step forward, away from the wall, guiding mikleo gently toward the bed. he's not oblivious enough to not know where this is leading, after all.

but before the backs of mikleo's knees can hit the back of the edge, sorey hoists mikleo up in one easy swoop-- like he weighs nothing. large hands wrap tight around his slender frame, fitting there like they were meant for the sake of holding him. he manages to keep kissing him all the while, but when he opens his eyes to gauge mikleo's reaction, boyish laughter bubbles in his throat, and sorey ducks his head to stifle a giggle in the crook of his neck. ]

Haha-- The look on your face-- !
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[ sorey laughs and gives mikleo's waist a promising squeeze, planting a light kiss to the soft skin of his neck before coming back up to meet his lips in a much sloppier kiss, picking back up right where they left off and seeking more. he sinks down onto the bed at the same time, pulling mikleo right into his lap so he's seated and straddling sorey's hips, thighs splayed over him. only then does he break apart to murmur: ]

Tell me what you want, okay?

[ his tone is softer than before but encouraging, persuasive. he punctuates it with another playful squeeze to mikleo's hips, hands still set on either side of him. in any other situation like this, sorey could skirt his fingers and tickle his sides until mikleo is squirming and laughing and sorey is, too, but he's feeling a little more serious this time, despite his ever present smile.

but those thoughts aside, he can't help but be thoroughly convinced that their bodies really were meant to slot together in every possible way. their hearts, their souls-- everything about them aligns, and this is no different. whatever delusions mikleo has stirred up in that head of his, sorey will make it more than clear that there's not one place he'd rather be than here, not one other person he'd rather be with.

he's mikleo's. he's mikleo's one and only, the sun to his moon, every ridiculous poetic thing he can come up with. sorey will tell him again and again, if that's what he needs. ]
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[ oh. oh.

his brain short circuits, lips parting in surprise and cheeks darkening an interesting shade of red. he doesn't even blink, eyes clouding over, hazy with arousal. just hearing mikleo say things like that sends a jolt of heat right between his legs, and suddenly he's very much aware of every little movement mikleo makes.

sorey squirms underneath him, unable to sit still, and it takes him a second to come up with what to say in response, but his startled expression softens into something more tender when he opens his mouth to speak. ]

Mikleo, you--

[ "until you can't think of anything but me?" sorey doesn't know how to convey that mikleo more than has that part covered. he isn't sure where to put his hands, wants to touch him all at once, so he settles on keeping them right where they are, grip unconsciously tightening. ]

... You belong to me, too, right? Because I-- I'll give you anything. Anything you want. Everything.

But I want to be yours, too. I don't want anyone else to see you like this.

[ he holds mikleo's gaze head on, darts his tongue out to wet his lips. ]
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The thought of feeling this way about anyone else... about you feeling this way about anyone else... It's practically unbearable. I can't imagine that, when I've never been so certain about anything-- anyone. It's always been you, Mikleo.

[ sorey slides a hand up the delicate arch of mikleo's back, deliberately slow. ]

So you don't ever have anything to worry about.

[ that's when mikleo starts to toy with his robe and his breath hitches, watching mikleo nearly sink down to his knees, blue-white hair settling between his thighs; sorey's knees are a little wobbly when he spreads his legs. the hand still lingering on mikleo's hip moves up to comb through his hair as sorey watches him, intent, and returns the smile with one of his own. ]
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[ the warm, wet heat enveloping him overwhelms every single one of his senses, a sharp, pleased gasp escaping his lips. sorey could just tilt his head back and allow his eyes to slip shut, revel in a haze of pleasure and close his mind to everything else, but gazing down at mikleo is so much better. seeing his tongue dart out to lap at him and lick a stripe up his dick, seeing his intent and utter dedication to make sorey come undone--

he lets out a shaky exhale and tightens the grip in mikleo's hair just so, a gesture of wordless encouragement to keep going. ]

Ah-- M-Mikleo--

[ he clenches and unclenches the sheets underneath him with his other hand, keeping still so his thighs don't tremble. mikleo has just barely started, but sorey is always in awe of just how good he is at this. there's nobody else to compare it to, and that isn't going to change, but once in a blue moon he can't help but wonder whether or not it's this good for everyone or this good because it's mikleo.

but it doesn't matter, not when mikleo is the only person he'll ever want, need, and he's perfect. ]

I wish you knew-- how good you look. I wish you knew how much I think about this-- how much I think about you. Sometimes it's like... it's like there's nobody else except the two of us, and--

[ sorey has always been talkative during sex, but his sentence trails off with another small sound. ]
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[ sorey doesn't bother with maintaining his own self-control, running his hands through mikleo's hands again and again, letting the silky strands slip between his fingers. when his eyes flicker down a second time and he sees a perfect image of mikleo's pretty pink lips wrapped around him, working at him, it's almost too much for him to handle, something to commit to memory and store away for safekeeping. the moan mikleo makes around him doesn't help, the vibration making his cock twitch in his mouth. ]

How do you always know-- exactly what to do?

[ his mind is clouded with nothing but thoughts of mikleo-- his eyes dark with lust, his long eyelashes dusting his cheeks, his mouth. mikleo and nothing else. sorey only hopes that not bothering to keep his sound level in check will communicate how much he wants this, wants him. he brings a large hand to caress the soft, warm, pink skin of mikleo's cheek with nothing but admiration. ]
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[ sorey is able to come back to reality long enough to realize that mikleo is attempting to slip out of his clothes, so with a deep breath to recollect himself, he ducks down to help him squirm out of his shirt, his hard cock slipping out of mikleo's mouth despite mikleo's best efforts to keep at it. he's already desperate to keep going, but more than that, sorey wants to touch mikleo, too. his patience will be worth it. things between them are give and take, and there are times like this, when he wants mikleo so much it almost hurts. ]

Let me help. I-- just hold tight a second, alright?

[ sorey keeps the lubricant hidden deep in the bag he carries around, just in case, and it sure comes in handy. with a near pathetic amount of effort, missing the warmth of mikleo's mouth, he scrambles to retrieve it before meeting mikleo's gaze again. ]

I'll ask again. Tell me what you want.

[ his voice is a murmur, breathless with arousal and desire. he drags his fingers down to cup mikleo's jaw with one hand and clutches the small bottle with the other. ]

Because I want-- I want all of you.
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[ sorey doesn't say anything; he just offers him a small nod in response, a slight smile playing at his lips. he's overwhelmed with the urge to pepper every single inch of mikleo's flushed skin with kisses and lavish him with attention, but for the time being he simply gestures for mikleo to straddle him again as soon as the last of mikleo's clothes have fallen to pool with the rest on the floor, leaving him completely exposed.

even after all this time, sorey still can't help but swallow thickly and stare, eyes roaming over his body with blatant appreciation. he wraps his arms loosely around mikleo's neck, drops a kiss to his shoulder, and blinks up at him with a look of almost innocent expectation. go ahead doesn't need to be spoken. ]
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[ his fingers twitch with the unbearable urge to touch him, eyes glazed over with lust as he drinks in the picture presented before him. all eyes are on mikleo, and sorey doesn't even realize he's holding his breath until mikleo moans and he lets out a slow, shaky exhale. his hands slide back down to his sides, desperate for the bare minimum of contact. ]

That's it, Mikleo. Like that.

[ heaping praise onto him seems like the right thing to do in this instance, and sorey always has a generous amount to offer in the first place. he keeps his eyes trained on him and offers him what he hopes is a reassuring smile, a small reminder of the unwavering trust between them. he knows mikleo couldn't possibly be more vulnerable right now, but sorey will make sure he knows that it's okay, that he's beautiful like this-- every cliche word in the book. they're cliche for a reason. ]
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[ the hardness between sorey's legs is practically aching. there's only so much he can take, only so long he can hold his breath and bite his lips and squirm with the need to be inside mikleo already. ]

You're so-- you look so--

[ what is being eloquent. he's gone slack and is hyper aware of mikleo's every movement, every slight sound that comes from his lips, every gaze in his direction. he's usually the one doing this, fingering mikleo until he's thoroughly stretched, pliant and waiting-- often impatiently-- but seeing mikleo do this to himself and thoroughly enjoy every second of it is pretty new. and also sort of torture, because with every pant and gasp, sorey just wants to touch him more and more.

without warning, sorey swoops in to kiss mikleo hard on the lips, chasing mikleo's moan before pulling back, eyebrows knit. ]

Please let me. I want-- I want to be inside you already.

[ translation: bring the lube and come sit on his dick already. sorey doesn't usually get embarrassed easily no matter what he says, but still, his ears turn red. ]
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[ sorey ducks his head until it drops onto mikleo's shoulder, and sighs with relief as mikleo takes him inch by unbearable inch, moaning weakly and keeping his harsh breathing in check even as his body trembles with unadulterated need. it always takes so much willpower to refrain from moving the second he's inside him, but not hurting mikleo is his number one priority, always. ]

Mikleo. Mikleo--

[ he wraps strong arms around his slim waist, holding him close to his chest. ]

Never think we don't want the same thing. It's always you, Mikleo, it's always been you, it always will be-- I want this, too, just as much as you do, so--

[ he's rambling again, he knows, as mikleo seats himself on his cock. mikleo is always so tight it's unbearable, but sorey waits every time until he either gives him a signal that he's ready to move, or just does it himself. it's probably unfair that sorey's still dressed when mikleo is so exposed, but he greedily drinks in the delicate arch of his back, the thighs spread over him, the blush that creeps down his neck anyway. he'll never pass an opportunity to see mikleo like this up.

sorey slides one hand down the curve of mikleo's spine, stopping just above his backside, and squeezes a hip with the other. no matter how many times they do this, he's still in awe of how stunning mikleo looks on top of him. sorey will never stop admiring every single inch of him.

he trails a kiss up to mikleo's neck, and then his ear, murmuring words of encouragement in a gentle voice. ]

Go ahead. I've got you.
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i thought i tagged this already, i need to quench this thirst asap

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[ sorey kisses the spot underneath mikleo's ear with a soft hum when mikleo squeezes his shoulders before peppering kisses all the way back down to the corner of his mouth, not kissing him again just yet. as soon as mikleo rises up and slides back down again, just that one time, sorey can't stifle the desperate sound he makes.

sorey is gentle, and sorey is patient, and sorey knows mikleo's needs as well as he knows his own, but sorey is also a teenager with the most beautiful boy on the planet naked in his lap and honestly, just hearing that one sweet moan is enough to have him holding back from giving in to more carnal desires. he loves mikleo's everything, between his laughter and his little grumbles of annoyance when he's pouting at sorey, but hearing mikleo moan so shamelessly, without holding back, is something else entirely. such a sweet sound goes straight between his legs, makes his cock twitch inside him.

sorey buries his head in his neck with a kiss to the skin and a long exhale to pull himself together. ]

Come on. Just move with me.

[ sorey is well aware that mikleo is very much capable of riding him himself until sorey forgets his own name, but he can tell how overwhelmed he is by the way mikleo's entire body is trembling, and honestly, it's taking everything sorey has to refrain from just thrusting into him and fucking him good and hard himself until he's begging.

this is mikleo's time, though. another time. patience. patience.

instead, sorey slides both hands down to grope him and pulls him closer in a slow, smooth motion, sorey rocking into him. he gives his ass a tight squeeze and does it again, breathing picking up as he helps mikleo along by rolling his hips up into his to make it easier for mikleo to take him deeper. ]

That's it.
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[ mikleo squeezing so tightly around him has always driven him near crazy, and this is no exception. sorey isn't quite as vocal as mikleo is-- he silently thanks whatever god might be looking out for them that seraphim are a thing, and nobody else can hear him-- but when mikleo comes back down and grinds on his cock like that, takes him that deep inside, sorey is chasing his lips in an instant so he can kiss him again, hard and sloppy, his own broken moan lost between their parted lips. he breaks the kiss with a small gasp, just as suddenly as he'd initiated it. ]

You're always so tight, Mikleo, it's...

[ he swallows thickly. ever so eloquent, and their lips are still so close that every word he speaks ghosts over mikleo's. ]

You're so incredible.

[ he isn't remotely embarrassed of voicing those thoughts so openly, and as soon as he does, sorey thrusts his hips, not hard enough to jostle him but hard enough to know that he's already edging closer to hitting what they're both aiming for. sorey is as intimately familiar with mikleo's body as much as he is his own. maybe more, to be honest. it never takes too long to seek out that one sweet spot. ]

Keep going. Just keep going.

[ sorey's voice has dropped considerably lower, beads of sweat already gathering at his forehead. he shares mikleo's eagerness and rolls his hips in a more steady rhythm to accommodate him every time mikleo rocks up and down, rises and falls. never once does sorey close his eyes, instead gazing up at the lithe body perched on top of him and staring at mikleo like he's the center of his universe. sorey's hands slide back over to mikleo hips so he can keep mikleo steady enough to ride him however he wants to. he can control the pace; it doesn't matter as long as he doesn't stop. ]
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this thread is an honest to god gift

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[ sorey's voice trembles when he manages a gasp of his name as soon as mikleo comes down again. he squeezes him as tight as he can, a combination of reassuring and desperate, one hand skirting up his back.

he tries to be patient. he does. he really, really does, but with mikleo looks at him like that, parted lips and eyes glazed over, he can't handle it anymore. with a guttural moan, sorey thrusts up into him, pulls mikleo down again and repeats the rocking motion until he's fucking him in earnest. sorey buries his head in mikleo's pale, sweat slicked shoulder, breathless sounds escaping his lips every time he buries himself inside him. ]

Mikleo. Mikleo, I--

[ his sentence is lost, dissipating into an aching whine. all sorey knows is that he feels like his pounding heart might just burst. ]
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[ sorey complies without a moment of hesitation, reaching a large hand between them to wrap around mikleo's dick and start stroking him just the way he likes it. sorey doesn't take it slow, doesn't play coy like he so often likes to do. instead he just jerks him off without any sort of teasing, running his thumb along the tip and smearing precome as some form of lubricant before twisting his wrist. he knows exactly how mikleo likes to be touched, how sensitive he is. ]

That good?

[ he doesn't know why he's asking. just to hear the satisfaction of mikleo's answer, he supposes. sorey knows mikleo can't last much longer now, and neither can he. his bangs are glued to his forehead, beads of sweat dripping down his exposed neck. his hips are still relentless in their movements, the hands at his back making him shudder. mikleo will leave marks, scratches that only sorey can see when the cloak comes off. ]

Whenever you're ready, just-- come for me, Mikleo.

[ sorey's voice is hoarse, debauched. ]
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[ every single time mikleo utters his name like that, like a prayer, it's like a surge of electricity courses through him. the knowledge that he did this. he made mikleo feel this good. and, selfish or not, sorey knows for an absolute fact that this is always the way things are going to be.

sorey coaxes mikleo through his release, hand pumping and hips snapping relentlessly with every sob and shudder. every single moan, every hitch and stutter in his breath-- sorey can't stop himself. one, two-- it doesn't take long at all to chase after mikleo. he's not sure what he whispers in mikleo's ear as he shakes and trembles his way through his orgasm; broken fragments of mikleo's name, a please, an uncharacteristic curse.

everything is too bright, too overstimulating, but when they've both descended into boneless, breathless, panting messes, sorey presses gentle kisses along his neck, his shoulder, his collarbones. ]

All those ridiculous things I came up with with Rose on the spot... you know, when I think about you-- about us-- they aren't as ridiculous as they were supposed to be.

[ sorey nuzzles his neck with a small and almost disbelieving laugh, damp bangs tickling mikleo's chin. there's a reason sorey's favorite genre besides history is Terrible Poetry. well, he thinks they're good, anyway. why else would he be practicing coming up with just the right one? ]

Apparently, things like love are supposed to be complicated, but all I know is that I don't remember a time when I wasn't in love with you, Mikleo. That isn't anything complicated to me.

[ sorey has proved it in myriad different ways; light touches of reassurance, gentle brushes of lips on lips when they think no one is looking, the way mikleo looks when he's concentrated and thoughtful as captivating as the constellations surrounding them.

it's... the first time he's said it, though, and once he has, he can't believe how easy it was. showing mikleo he loves him, proving how much he loves him, telling him how much he loves him-- there's nothing easier, nothing tentative or hesitant or uncertain. nothing. ]
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this has been going since july and i'm slow af but still 100% invested, i doki every time i tag

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What? Are you seriously still annoyed? I sort of thought I just took care of that.

[ sorey knows there's no real meaning behind his chiding tone, however. he just laughs. ]

That's not true. This--

[ he makes some sort of gesture that doesn't really mean anything, but... mikleo will probably understand it. this. this journey, this shepherd thing, this everything. all those things weighing on sorey's shoulders that he puts so much effort into hiding. ]

-- is complicated. Sometimes you're the only thing that isn't.

[ sorey means that with all his heart. rip mikleo he'll never stop being so genuine it hurts. ]
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