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[Totsuka's well aware that he should probably be leaving well enough alone.

Munakata's a nice master— the nicest master he's ever had, honestly, though considering his track record, that isn't saying much. finding someone who'd take both him and Suoh was nothing short of a miracle, and Totsuka's been trying to behave like a good cat.

except ... Munakata's really, really nice. even if he was initially interested in Suoh more than him, he spends a lot of time with Totsuka, and is surprisingly affectionate. it's not something Totsuka has a lot of experience with, and he's almost shocked at how much he finds himself enjoying it. he never understood pets that were so utterly devoted to their masters, who spent most of their day just waiting for them to come home, but he thinks he might be starting to.

which brings him to the issue at hand.

Munakata works some high level government job, fancy title and high level security clearance and all. it makes him enough money to be able to afford upkeep on two pets and a cushy apartment, and Totsuka appreciates that, really! what he finds himself not appreciating are the hours it requires of Munakata, taking on a schedule that regularly puts him into overtime every week. leaving Totsuka all alone for most of the day with only Suoh for company— which is great when he's feeling sleepy or lazy, but other times, not so much.

and when he finally does have a rare day off, more often than not, it turns into this— catching up on work in his office, diligently wasting his free hours away on reports and write ups and things that don't involve entertaining Totsuka.

he's been sitting in the corner of the office room for a while now, quietly, non-obtrusive. he's pretty sure Munakata's forgotten that he's even there, and it's time to remedy that. he slowly sits up, stretching a little as his tail flicks from side to side, anxious from the lack of movement. Totsuka waits for a moment after that, observing his target carefully, before he starts to creep along the side of the far wall, stopping periodically when he thinks Munakata might be about to look up from his work and notice him.

steadily, carefully, he makes his way over to the desk, crouching down to get out of Munakata's line of vision as soon as he reaches it. Totsuka stays out of sight for a few moments, shuffling around, before finally reaching his destination. he sits up to flop his upper body over the arm of Munakata's desk chair, flopping across his lap. if he knocks and papers or pens out of his hands in the process, it was entirely by accident.]

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