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[rose is a good friend who got them fucking plastered and then left as soon as things got too weird

like mikleo picking up sorey's hand and closely inspecting all the callouses on his palm, very intently, because it's Important.]

You've gotten more than I remember ...
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[ sorey hiccups and laughs. everything feels so good. ]

Your hand is warm. Feels nice.
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No, you definitely are.

[ sorey giggles and leans his head against his, noses bumping, before tangling their fingers together. ]

Have I ever told you how much I like holding hands? With you, I mean.

[ who else could he possibly mean, sorey doesn't know, but he had to Clarify. ]
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I guess, but I like your hands. They're soft. Delicate. Everything about you is soft.

[ another (somewhat delirious) giggle. his free hand comes up to cup mikleo's flushed, warm cheek. ]

Especially your skin.
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Are you? Every time I touch you, I can't help but think about how soft your skin is...

[ he's pretty sure mikleo is not a normal level of softness. he is a goddess-like level of softness. ]
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Like what?

[ he can't help but smile expectantly, leaning in closer. ]
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My eyelashes are soft?

[ that pulls an affectionate laugh out of him. he's even closer now, said eyelashes dusting mikleo's cheeks. ]

... Your eyes are soft, too. And the prettiest color. I've never seen eyes like yours. They're-- captivating.

[ yep, he's drunk and in full on Terrible Poet mode. ]
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What?! It's a compliment!

[ his slurred words make him sound far less annoyed than he actually is, which is. not all that much. in fact, he's too distracted by how adorable mikleo is when he blushes. ]

Besides, if it's so awful, why is your face all red?
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Well, it's not my fault that you're stupidly adorable.

[ are they arguing about this? are they arguing about this. ]

My cute little Mikleo.
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No, you're twenty times cuter!

[ sorey stands up, too-- and slams his knee into the table mikleo almost knocked over, immediately muttering a curse under his breath and clenching his teeth. he glares at mikleo because this is all his fault.

a deep breath as the pain ebbs away, and then: ]

... Still cute.
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[ sorey decides to shut him up the only way he knows how at the moment; catching mikleo's swaying body in his arms, he covers his lips with his own. ]
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[ it's quite some time before sorey is forced to part, a grin playing at his lips. ]

I win.

[ he wins what, exactly, he couldn't tell you. ]
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I have t--

[ the rest of that sentence is drowned out by mikleo's lips on his. it's a lot rougher than when sorey kissed him, but without any ill intent. mikleo's nose bumps against his like it did when they were still trying to figure this all out, and it's terribly endearing.

laughter bubbles in his throat, and instead of pushing mikleo away and demanding a rematch sorey grabs him by the collar and pulls him in, returning the kiss with everything he has.

it looks like there isn't going to be a winner. ]

-- What were we arguing about again?

[ sorey is panting, lips red and glistening. ]
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No I wasn't.

[ sorey swallows, gaze shifting. he's suddenly distracted, even more red-cheeked and lightheaded than he was before. ]

You're a good kisser.

[ it's a pretty stupid thing to say, seeing as the only person mikleo's been kissing is him (he hopes), but. well, he is. despite being a water seraph, mikleo's kisses make him feel like he's burning up. ]

Hey, Mikleo. How long do you think we could kiss before one of us gives?

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