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[miracles can happen.

mikleo knows this to be true, yet. yet.

he never stopped believing it would happen, eventually, some day. so much so that he's lost days, even weeks of time, sunrises and sunsets slipping between the cracks of his mind, concentration scattered to people and things out of his reach.

not so much anymore.

he hasn't let go sorey's hand, since it reached out from the abyss and saved him from that fall. something he's done more times than mikleo can count, but not for so long— lifetimes have come and gone since mikleo's had his presence at his side. he's half convinced that the moment he lets go sorey will disappear, back to where he came from. he has to check himself, every few minutes, to make sure he's not squeezing his hand too hard. he's pretty sure it's gotten close to the point of painful a few times, though sorey hasn't said anything.

there are so many things he wants to say, that sorey probably needs to hear. but he also logically knows, if just from his appearance, that sorey hasn't fully experienced the passage of time. mikleo has, so, so acutely, but that isn't something sorey needs right now. he needs time to adjust, as much time as he needs, and mikleo tries to remind himself that they have all the time in the world, even thought it doesn't ring entirely true to his own ears.

its too soon for elysia, so he takes him to the house he uses for human business. its not too large, and has a certain air of a place not quite lived-in, inhabited and then abandoned many times over the years. books are everywhere, on numerous shelves, and spilling off them in some places onto other furniture, along with pieces and pages of works scattered throughout. he stopped trying to keep it all in order years ago, doesn't bother to clean as his only regular visitor cares even less about it.

for sorey to see it, though, feels ... wrong. it probably says more about how he's been than he'll say himself, at least at first.]

Sorry for the mess. [his voice sounds strange to him, that tone that was once so familiar now almost foreign; the one he reserves for sorey.]

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