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[miracles can happen.

mikleo knows this to be true, yet. yet.

he never stopped believing it would happen, eventually, some day. so much so that he's lost days, even weeks of time, sunrises and sunsets slipping between the cracks of his mind, concentration scattered to people and things out of his reach.

not so much anymore.

he hasn't let go sorey's hand, since it reached out from the abyss and saved him from that fall. something he's done more times than mikleo can count, but not for so long— lifetimes have come and gone since mikleo's had his presence at his side. he's half convinced that the moment he lets go sorey will disappear, back to where he came from. he has to check himself, every few minutes, to make sure he's not squeezing his hand too hard. he's pretty sure it's gotten close to the point of painful a few times, though sorey hasn't said anything.

there are so many things he wants to say, that sorey probably needs to hear. but he also logically knows, if just from his appearance, that sorey hasn't fully experienced the passage of time. mikleo has, so, so acutely, but that isn't something sorey needs right now. he needs time to adjust, as much time as he needs, and mikleo tries to remind himself that they have all the time in the world, even thought it doesn't ring entirely true to his own ears.

its too soon for elysia, so he takes him to the house he uses for human business. its not too large, and has a certain air of a place not quite lived-in, inhabited and then abandoned many times over the years. books are everywhere, on numerous shelves, and spilling off them in some places onto other furniture, along with pieces and pages of works scattered throughout. he stopped trying to keep it all in order years ago, doesn't bother to clean as his only regular visitor cares even less about it.

for sorey to see it, though, feels ... wrong. it probably says more about how he's been than he'll say himself, at least at first.]

Sorry for the mess. [his voice sounds strange to him, that tone that was once so familiar now almost foreign; the one he reserves for sorey.]
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There are so many books...

[ sorey's in awe, his tone full of the same wonder it's always had. his head is still a little foggy, but mikleo's hand is warm and real, and every time mikleo squeezes it, sorey squeezes back without even thinking about it. it doesn't hurt.

he'd hoped that mikleo would be the first person he'd meet when he woke up. he's glad he was right. sorey has always believed in things like fate and destiny, and they haven't let him down before. he'd never worried that mikleo would forget about him. not for a second. never.

the passage of time is beyond him. mikleo is as beautiful as ever, but his appearance is proof that time has ticked on without him, and there's seven centuries of history to catch up on. sorey couldn't be more excited, but it's intimidating, too, more than overwhelming. for the time being, he's glad that it's just the two of them, although there are still friends he wants to meet-- thinking about rose and alisha stings, but he's not ready to confront it yet-- and places to revisit.

not yet, though. not yet. just mikleo is all he needs, right now. ]

Don't apologize, I don't mi--

[ sorey absentmindedly picks up a stack of papers and thumbs through them, eyes wide with ever-present curiosity. ]

Wait, did you write this manuscript?

[ he can recognize mikleo's handwriting-- so many things haven't changed, from little things like this to bigger things like the smile mikleo has always kept just for him-- and suddenly, he's bubbling with excitement, turning to mikleo to grasp his other hand. ]

That book you were planning on writing... When can I read it?

[ because mikleo must have written it by now. ]
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You wrote more? In that case, how am I supposed to choose? How many are there? I need to read all of them!

[ an easy answer. sorey will read every page mikleo has written, cover to cover. maybe not all of them right now, but he will. ]

I've been waiting a pretty long time, haven't I?

[ it's... easier to make light of it. joke about it. it eases the thick tension hanging in the air that he knows mikleo must be feeling, too, and things are never supposed to be tense between them. things aren't quite normal yet-- how could they be?-- but they'll get there. as long as they're together again, nothing else matters.

and sorey isn't planning on leaving again, not anytime soon. not ever, now that he's been reborn as a seraph, and wow, that's kind of a crazy thought. it'll take some getting used to. ]

Maybe you could read me one of your favorite passages. Anything at all.

[ really... he just wants an excuse to hear more of mikleo's voice, an excuse to let himself drown in it. his smile softens into something more sentimental than it was a minute ago. ]
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[ sorey gives his hand a squeeze before kneeling down and grazing his fingertips against the worn spines of the journals. there are so many, some very, very old and some a bit newer, myriad books stretching across the expanse of the shelf. there's little dust; despite the mess in the room, all these books and journals have obviously been cared for. preserved.

mikleo did it. sorey never once doubted him, but still, this is proof that he did it, he kept their dream alive, he kept their promise alive.

for all this time. he really did it. ]

... Did you do this all for me? For our dream?

[ maybe it's a little unfair to ask a question sorey already knows the answer to, but he needs to hear it, too, because he could kiss him, and he probably will. ]
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[ as soon as the tears start to fall, sorey's hand is cupping mikleo's cheek and brushing them away with all the care in the world as they trail down his pale skin. it certainly isn't the first time mikleo's cried since sorey had grabbed his hand back there-- there had been a warm body in his arms and then great, heaving sobs into his chest and sorey's name repeated over and over in a trembling voice, buried in the crook of his neck. all sorey had been able to do was hold mikleo as tight as he could, laugh into the sweep of his hair with exhilaration and say, "i'm back."

this time, he wraps an arm around mikleo's shoulders to draw him in closer before dropping a kiss to the crown of his head, his eyes-- both of them, the salt of tears lingering on his lips-- and, finally, his lips, soft and chaste. there aren't any words; there's nothing he could possibly say to express the magnitude of just how grateful he is.

it's the first time they've kissed since sorey woke up. ]

Thank you, Mikleo. Thank you.

[ the words ghost over mikleo's lips before he's kissing him again, cupping both cheeks this time. ]

Next time, we'll write one together. You've always been the better writer, but...

[ a small laugh, bumping his forehead against mikleo's again, their noses touching. ]

There's still so much left to explore. We'll start all over again, retrace our steps and then keep moving forward beyond anything we could imagine back in Elysia. There's time.

I'm not going anywhere. I promise. Never again.

[ he's never meant anything more. ]
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It's okay. It's okay.

[ sorey makes soft, soothing sounds, keeps thumbing the tears away until there are just too many to keep up with and all he can do is hug mikleo to his chest, hold him tight and keep him safe forever and ever. he wishes he could protect mikleo from his own choked sobs, but he can't. all he can do is ride it out with him. mikleo needs this, desperately, this mix of long years of pent up pain and just hours of relief. sorey doesn't know if mikleo has ever cried like this, but he knows, more than ever, that mikleo hasn't changed. that this is his mikleo, and no one else.

when sorey speaks again, he sounds a little choked up himself, but he doesn't lose it. he can't, not yet. he has to be strong, has to be as strong as mikleo has been for so, so long. mikleo, who carried the world on his shoulders and never stopped waiting for him. ]

It must have been so hard. I... I can't imagine what you've been through, and I just... slept through it all. Slept and dreamed about you. But I know that, in time, you'll tell me everything. I knew you'd be strong; I knew you could do this. I never doubted you. Not for a second. Not even once.

[ sorey rubs his back, kissing more of the tears staining his cheeks away. the sheer amount of love he has for the trembling boy in his arms is overflowing, like it's too much to begin to grasp, encircling him and never letting him go. he's never loved anybody more in his entire life, all seven hundred and seventeen years of it. ]

You're not going to have to shoulder that burden alone anymore. We'll share it, tell stories together, travel together. From now on, we'll do everything together.

[ with a reassuring hum, he squeezes mikleo tighter and buries his head in his neck, instead, breathes him in. a hand comes up to thread through his hair; all sorey wants to do is touch it, let the strands slip between his fingertips. it's even softer than it had always been, long and radiant. ]

You did so well, Mikleo. Thank you.
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I was hoping you'd say that.

[ sorey smiles against his skin, and something between a laugh and a sob escapes his lips, his own self-control starting to slip from his grasp. ]

And you were in mine. Like I said, I dreamed about you, for all those years. I might not remember those dreams, but... I know I did.

[ because who else would he dream about but mikleo? he's sure he dreamt of the other seraphim, too, of lailah and edna and dezel and even zaveid, but mikleo, mikleo has always been special.

there's a pause, and then sorey pulls back a little, smooths his thumbs over mikleo's cheeks and smiles at him with a tilt of his head. there are small tears prickling the corners of sorey's eyes, now, too. happiness, relief, sympathy, longing-- so many different emotions all at once that he can hardly process them. he's just glad that the person he's sharing them with is mikleo. there's more laughter, then, light and sweet. ]

Look at us. It's a good thing no one else is here. We'd never hear the end of it.
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[ there are lots of things sorey could say, but instead he settles for complying with mikleo's demand-- it certainly is familiar, just another thing that sorey likes so much about him-- and bridging the almost nonexistent gap between them, covering mikleo's lips with his own. he can still taste the salt of dried tears, but everything about it is distinctly mikleo, and sorey leans into it, drinks it in. for sorey, the last time he kissed mikleo like this doesn't seem all that long ago-- not long before their final battle with heldalf, maybe-- but for mikleo, that's an unimaginable stretch of time without sorey's kisses, and sorey just can't allow that time to stretch on any further.

he can't help but laugh against mikleo's lips, breathless, having missed seeing the way mikleo looks at him when he wants these things, the delightful pink that blooms on his cheeks, but he's pulling away for only a second or two before thinking better of it and leaning back in to kiss him again. and again, and again. ]
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[ the kisses leave sorey dazed, his head swimming, and he almost tells mikleo to slow down-- they've got all the time in the world, now-- before realizing just how much mikleo must need this and, by extension, just how much he needs this. suddenly, sorey doesn't feel the need to say anything anymore. instead, all he wants to do is bury his hands in mikleo's hair and tilt his head, deepening the kiss until it's more than just a press of lips on lips, until it's easy and unhurried but still more urgent than it already was. sorey is completely and utterly lost, eyes having slipped shut as soon as he'd first leaned in.

a hand cards through mikleo's hair until it's resting at the back of his neck, cradling his head as sorey makes an imploring little sound, inching closer to mikleo until sorey is giving mikleo more space to settle in his lap and they're so close that the only barrier between them is clothes. sorey will never stop asking himself when mikleo got taller than him, but it doesn't matter as much when they're leaning into each other like this. as silly as it is, he almost wonders how he wasn't kissing mikleo sooner. everything since the second he'd woken up has been so overwhelming, and this isn't much different, but, just like most things involving mikleo, it's only in the best possible way. ]
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Of course. When have you ever needed to ask?

[ sorey drops his forehead against mikleo's again and chuckles, voice soft and warm. now that he has a proper chance to look, he can't help but take in the redness coloring mikleo's cheeks, the way he's gazing at him through long lashes, and--

sorey swallows thickly and slides both hands down to mikleo's sides, giving the hem of his tunic a small tug. he doesn't even think twice; it's only the natural course of action. ]

Here. Help me get this off.

[ his intent is obvious before he starts pushing it up, revealing the pale skin of mikleo's stomach and the distracting dip of his hipbones, but a feather loosely attached to the garment by a string catches his attention before he can continue. one of his feathers, more specifically. ]


[ had mikleo been wearing that all this time? he... hadn't even noticed. not surprising, seeing as he was so caught up in everything else, but now sorey tilts his head and meets mikleo's eyes with a questioning gaze and a smile that's both reassuring and unbearably fond. he holds the feather between his fingertips, other hand having released mikleo's shirt in favor of tracing an absentminded circle into his bare hip. ]

I don't remember ever giving this to you. Sneaky.

[ as playful as the remark is, the fact that mikleo really kept a small memento of him on him wherever he went gives him butterflies. ]
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[ a sheepish laugh escapes, and a light blush dusts over sorey's own cheeks in response. ]

That's just like me, isn't it? Thanks for keeping it safe for me, for all this time. Keep it.

[ he swears his heart stops when mikleo's hair tumbles over his shoulders like that, and it takes him a good second or two to remember that breathing is a thing he has to do. then he's giving mikleo's hand a light squeeze before discarding his shepherd's robes and pulling his own shirt off, too, that same blue shirt as always. 700 years later, he should probably look into getting a new outfit, but he has so many memories of waking up to mikleo in that shirt, the hem reaching his knees, that he doesn't think he can ever get rid of it.

as for the shepherd's robes... well, he doesn't think he'll be donning them again. they're a fragment of a memory, and an important one, but. he isn't the shepherd anymore. mikleo will keep them safe somewhere.

sorey doesn't know where to start. it might as well be their first time exploring each other's bodies all over again, and in a way, it is, isn't it? it's like every inch of mikleo's skin-- his slender shoulders, the curve of his hips, the small of his back-- is begging to be touched, his everything, and it's so much at once that all sorey can do is murmur-- ]

Come here.

[ as if mikleo could possibly come any closer. sorey's still broader, at least, more muscular despite all the strength hidden behind mikleo's smaller body, and it's so easy to slowly skirt a hand up mikleo's side before tangling it in his hair yet again. he just can't seem to stay away from it. ]

How long have you been growing your hair out? It... looks good. Really good. In case you haven't gotten the hint by now, I mean.

[ yet another slightly embarrassed laugh. well, it does. ]
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I like it a lot. Maybe I can try styling it sometime.

[ sorey doesn't know the first thing about styling hair, but details, details. imagining mikleo in a long braid is like an arrow shot straight through the heart.

he's done with the chatter when mikleo's lips are on his again, though, and this time sorey does everything he can to accommodate him. he wraps an arm around his bare waist until he's pulling their hips together with one hand and cupping mikleo's cheek with the other, returning the kiss with everything he has, parting his lips and sighing with relief before drawing in mikleo's bottom lip, as if they've already spent too long not kissing.

it's different now, though, different in that he can feel the warmth radiating from mikleo, with their chests pressed together like this. different in that he can focus on the pleasant weight in his lap, realize how good it feels to have mikleo next to him, this close. different in how he's hyperaware of every little touch, every little hitch in mikleo's breath. it's like there are sparks behind his skin, and despite the willpower involved in breaking he kiss, it doesn't take all that long until he's trailing them down mikleo's jaw, instead, all the way to the crook of his neck. of course sorey remembers every single sweet spot, remembers how sensitive mikleo is just about everywhere. how could he ever forget?

he hums against his skin and peppers kisses all the way over to his ear, which is still slightly flushed a delicate rose. it's too cute, unbelievably cute, really, just another reminder that some things never change. sorey nudges at an earlobe before lowering his voice, breath ghosting against the shell of his ear. ]

'S hard to remember where to start. Just want to kiss all of you.

[ mikleo can take from that what he will, but sorey means it, just as he means everything else he's been saying, and he punctuates it with dragging his lips back down to press another kiss to the flutter of a pulse. ]
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[ one of the cutest things about mikleo, sorey thinks, is that he could never hide anything from him. just hearing the sounds that mikleo is making is getting to him, too, sending warmth spreading through his stomach and heat between his legs, and when there's the pressure of mikleo's hips grinding down, when sorey can feel how hard he already is, he tries and fails to bite back a whimper of his own.

the kisses stop when sorey has to bury his labored breathing in mikleo's neck, instead. his hand drifts to the small of his back, dangerously low, before sorey tries responding, shifting underneath mikleo in just the right way and not bothering to hide the moan that escapes his lips in response to the contact. it's just the right angle, and he does it again, this time pressing his hips right up against mikleo's and feeling the trace of his arousal behind the fabric of his pants.

there are so many things he wants to do, so many things he's missed out on and deprived mikleo of for far too long, and he doesn't want to end it before it starts. with an anxious twitch of his fingers, his hand comes around to dip beneath the waistband of mikleo's pants, thumb brushing over hipbone. sorey manages to pull back to smooth a hand through mikleo's hair, pushing back his bangs to reveal his circlet, and he offers him a small smile as if to wordlessly remind him that this is okay, that this is what he wants, too. just as much. ]
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[ and then sorey's palm is sinking down further until he can wrap his hand around mikleo's arousal. there's already precome gathered at the tip of the head-- the fact that he can do this to mikleo, reduce him to this shuddering mess, that he did this still makes his stomach twist, after all this time-- and he smears it with his thumb before pumping his hand up and down, once, twice, keeping his pace slow and languid. that's all he does before he looks back up at mikleo, gauging his reaction.

he wants to do so much more than this, but-- ]

What do you want me to do?

[ sorey crawls out from underneath mikleo, then, arching his back to get into a good position. settling on his knees between mikleo's legs and leaning in to pull his pants down halfway, his hand still wrapped around him, sorey licks his lips and doesn't give mikleo the opportunity to answer, looking up at him with hooded eyes and a small, coy grin that's so sorey in every sense. ]

Hold still.

[ the hand in mikleo's hair had long since dropped down, and he gently sets it over his bare thigh before leaning in, eyes fluttering closed. ]
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Shh. I've got you.

[ sorey just wants to say it again and again-- i've got you, i've got you, i'm here, but it's so much easier to just show him, prove it to him. he opens his eyes again to hold mikleo's gaze and, without a second more of hesitation, he licks a stripe up mikleo's shaft before wrapping his lips around his dick with a hum, lapping his tongue to take in every drop.

he can't believe how much he missed this, missed the taste of him, missed all the pleased sounds that keep pouring from mikleo's lips. the palm on his thigh nudges his leg to the side and presses down harder, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to keep mikleo from bucking up again, although it could just about drive sorey crazy himself to keep seeing how desperate he is. his pants are getting uncomfortably tight, but he's far more focused on this right now. ]

Missed this-- missed you.

[ when sorey dives back in, he goes deeper, a throaty moan muffled around mikleo's cock. ]
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[ mikleo is so beautiful when he loses himself in this. there are dozens upon dozens of times sorey thinks mikleo is beautiful-- when he wakes up in the morning with his hair sticking up, when he's smiling at him with soft eyes or glaring at him with a stern frown, when he's casting an arte and controlling the delicate swirls of water surrounding him with ease, so many little moments-- but seeing him trembling and begging like this, completely exposed, is entirely different. nobody else has ever seen mikleo like this but sorey, and the thought thrills him.

patience running thin, sorey finally takes mikleo in almost all the way, careful not to choke. thankfully, they've done this enough times that sorey more or less knows his limits, but he's still desperate to make up for lost time, and it doesn't take long before he starts bobbing his head in a set rhythm. he chances another look at him, and seeing him with tears his eyes spurs him on further, makes him moan again. ]

Mmph-- Mikleo.
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[ sorey barely pulls back, his voice little more than a murmur, slightly hoarse. there's still a smile curving his lips, almost devilish. ]

Go ahead.

[ dragging his tongue up and down his shaft again, sorey wraps slightly swollen lips around him and sucks, giving mikleo his everything, hyper focused on making him feel as good as possible, as good as mikleo makes him feel. sorey's so hard just on getting mikleo off that he's practically aching-- it'd be so easy to just slip a hand down his pants and take care of it himself, but he just darts his tongue out to lick his lips a second time and hums, making it more than clear what he intends on doing. ]
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[ there's a sound of relief in the back of his throat when mikleo comes, and sorey swallows every last drop with ease, with pleasure, even. when he pulls back and shushes mikleo, whispering soothing sounds over and over again and tracing lazy patterns over his trembling body, he cranes his neck to pepper kisses along the inside of his thigh and up all the way to his heaving chest. ]

Shh. You're okay. It was... It was good.

[ suddenly, sorey scratches at his chin in a nervous gesture that had never gone away. ]

So did I remember how to do it right... ?

[ another obvious answer, but another thing that'd be nice to hear confirmed with his own ears. his finger has semen on it when he pulls it back, and without even giving it a second thought, he slips it into his mouth and licks the mess clean.

there's another problem, though, and that problem is the flush of desperate arousal high on his cheeks. he squirms, arching his back further with a small, needy whine, as if he's searching for friction that isn't there. ]
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[ the insult is obviously fond, and it makes sorey blush and smile, warming him to the core. he gives mikleo the time he needs to come back down to reality, even with the aching hardness in his legs-- he'd even go deal with it himself if he didn't know that mikleo would never allow it. fortunately, sorey knows how to be patient when he needs to be, and he's about to speak before mikleo is seating himself in his lap again, arousal brushing the inside of mikleo's thigh. ]

Mikleo-- ahh.

[ sorey is still clothed from the waist down, and the barrier of fabric has never been so frustrating. ]

H-Hold on.

[ with no small amount of effort, he squirms out from underneath him to shove his pants down in one swift motion and presses a gentle hand to mikleo's chest to nudge him to the side and kick them off to land in the careless heap alongside mikleo's clothing. things are better now that he's just as exposed, and hoisting mikleo up by the hips to seat himself back on his thighs, his hard cock sliding between them again, is effortless thanks to the strength in his arms. just that small bit of contact alone makes him want to cry out and beg.

perhaps mikleo has always been the more sensitive one, but that doesn't mean that sorey has ever been able to keep quiet during things like this, either. it's a good thing he doesn't have to, that there's no reason for restraint. ]

Just... please.

[ anything mikleo does sounds good to him. he reaches up to caress mikleo's cheek before letting the hand drift down through his long, long hair, still getting used to the soft silkiness of it, the radiant way it hangs over his shoulders and down his chest. mikleo looks so indescribably beautiful sitting above him like this, his chest rising and falling, his gaze dark and hooded, his legs spread over sorey's. it's an image that could easily be burned into his mind forever. and it will be. ]

You're so beautiful, Mikleo. That hasn't changed.

[ he didn't mean to voice it aloud, but when has sorey ever kept his thoughts to himself? ]
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Impossible? That's not the word I'd use-- nngh.

[ that feels good, that feels so, so good, and sorey tosses his head back and closes his eyes, instinctively rolling his hips up to meet mikleo's the second there's contact. his breathing is ragged and uneven as he grips mikleo's sides to aid him in grinding down against him, every touch sending a jolt right through him, a shiver right down his spine. they'll have to be careful not to knock the books over, sorey somehow notes, but that train of thought doesn't last when his hips stutter against mikleo's again and he all but cries out.

when he opens his eyes, they're dark with lust, clouded over and desperate. he wets his lips. ]

I missed you.

[ god, he wants to say it over and over again, i missed you, i missed you, i missed you, you're so beautiful, i missed you, mikleo, mikleo, mikleo. he never wants to be apart, he never wants this to end, he never wants mikleo to be anywhere but walking side by side with him or, in moments like this, riding his lap with his back arched, wanton and stunning. this isn't like when they were fumbling teenagers. this is years and years of pent up longing being released in slow, languid movements. his hold on mikleo's waist is so tight he might leave marks-- so uncharacteristic compared to his usual tenderness. ]