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date nighto

[what are you supposed to do with a guy who doesn't actually like to do anything? hidaka knows that's not literally true, it'd be pretty tragic if a guy didn't enjoy doing anything ever. what would he even have to live off of, pure resentment?

actually, that is entirely likely. let's move on.

hidaka can't really say what his end game here is. he's still partially shocked that fushimi even agreed to do this once, let alone continued on agreeing when he asked him again, and again. he wants to get to know they guy better, and spend time with him. most people would call taking someone out to dinner to facilitate that a date, but he's banished the word from his mind. not that he'd be opposed to it, quite the opposite, in fact. it's just that he has this ... feeling, that uh, fushimi-san wouldn't take it so great.

he decided on a ramen place this time because he pretty much always ends up deciding on the place, asking fushimi what he wants to eat is an exercise in deciphering tongue clicks and trying to remember things he's outright recoiled at the sight at before. with ramen it's easy enough to customize orders, not to mention the casual atmosphere helps hidaka keep his nerves a little more stable. (not that he'll admit to being that nervous, because he's pretty sure fushimi can smell fear.)]

So, what are you getting?

[he's regarding the special's menu with interest. he usually goes with tonkotsu or beef, but it never hurts to try something new.

the weather's not great, windy and rainy, so they have the place to themselves for the most part. there are a few college students huddled around the table across from them, muttering quietly about test scores, and other than the background noise of the kitchen its the only other source of chatter in the restaurant.

the relative quiet is nice, and hidaka knows by this point that excess noise and busy spots grate on fushimi. choosing this kind of place was entirely purposeful ... but not done with his own preferences in mind.]

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