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date nighto

[what are you supposed to do with a guy who doesn't actually like to do anything? hidaka knows that's not literally true, it'd be pretty tragic if a guy didn't enjoy doing anything ever. what would he even have to live off of, pure resentment?

actually, that is entirely likely. let's move on.

hidaka can't really say what his end game here is. he's still partially shocked that fushimi even agreed to do this once, let alone continued on agreeing when he asked him again, and again. he wants to get to know they guy better, and spend time with him. most people would call taking someone out to dinner to facilitate that a date, but he's banished the word from his mind. not that he'd be opposed to it, quite the opposite, in fact. it's just that he has this ... feeling, that uh, fushimi-san wouldn't take it so great.

he decided on a ramen place this time because he pretty much always ends up deciding on the place, asking fushimi what he wants to eat is an exercise in deciphering tongue clicks and trying to remember things he's outright recoiled at the sight at before. with ramen it's easy enough to customize orders, not to mention the casual atmosphere helps hidaka keep his nerves a little more stable. (not that he'll admit to being that nervous, because he's pretty sure fushimi can smell fear.)]

So, what are you getting?

[he's regarding the special's menu with interest. he usually goes with tonkotsu or beef, but it never hurts to try something new.

the weather's not great, windy and rainy, so they have the place to themselves for the most part. there are a few college students huddled around the table across from them, muttering quietly about test scores, and other than the background noise of the kitchen its the only other source of chatter in the restaurant.

the relative quiet is nice, and hidaka knows by this point that excess noise and busy spots grate on fushimi. choosing this kind of place was entirely purposeful ... but not done with his own preferences in mind.]
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[ Fushimi has eating down to a science: like most sciences, he simply avoids it if at all possible. There are very few things that spark his interest, and food is never one of them; he'd rather chew on a calorie mate and not have to worry about it. But for some reason, eating together is a human bonding exercise, and for some reason, people still want to bond with Fushimi, despite his best and most intense efforts to make them stop. He really feels like the fact that Munakata refers to him politely as a "wild card" should make more people avoid him, and yet. Here he is, getting ramen with Hidaka, because of course he is.

There comes a point in everyone's life where the amount of energy involved in holding out is just not worth it anymore.

Fushimi looks over the menu, then sighs, like it's absolutely the most exhausting thing in the world, to have to read words and think about their meaning in relation to your own preferences. ]

I'll get whatever you're having. [ He knows he won't eat more than half of it anyway, if that; there's really a 95% chance that he will dislike whatever it is. Fushimi can't really think of a food he enjoys eating, just ones he hates marginally less than others. ]

So pick something good. [ ... not that it's a particularly easy task, when you're dealing with Fushimi, who still looks bored and uninterested -- but he's still there, sitting at the same table with Hidaka, with no intent to leave anytime soon.

It's a strange feeling, to not immediately feel the need to bolt to the relative safety of his empty dorm room when forced to be alone with another member of Scepter 4. Fushimi still isn't sure he likes this almost-comfort. ]
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Cola's fine. [ ... which it shouldn't be, because all he ever drinks anymore is canned coffee, choosing to drink it to keep himself awake rather than for any reason like actually enjoying the substance or liking the flavor. Soda is still the fallback when he's out with someone, even if it's been so long since he was out with someone that he's not used to it. It's not the person he's used to sharing food with, either --

but at least he's pretty sure Hidaka won't try to make him eat citrus in hot pot, so it evens out.

This entire situation strikes Fushimi as inherently ridiculous; he's out with Hidaka like they're friends, even though Fushimi is pretty certain anyone sane shouldn't want to be his friend. Everyone in Scepter 4 knows he's a traitor, after all, and yet ... there's Hidaka, still there, picking out a ramen that Fushimi might pretend he doesn't entirely hate even if he does.

Eventually, Fushimi's going to have to admit he maybe likes Hidaka, but he's going to stay in denial absolutely as long as he can. ]

What do you usually get? [ He sounds bored enough that it could seem like he doesn't really care -- and maybe he doesn't, but since he's asked, he's going to listen to the answer, even if it's just smalltalk while he waits for food.

Fushimi doesn't even like smalltalk, what the fuck is happening to him. ]
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Tonkatsu... is fine. [ He deliberates over the thought for a brief period, but in the end he decides that food is pretty much food, and tonkatsu is definitely better than most things. If nothing else, he's grateful that Hidaka never fusses too much about Fushimi's extreme aversion to vegetables. And fruits. And, well, most everything, but he'll eat at least a few noodles and some meat. ]

Gelato sounds fine. [ But the way he says it, just a little quicker, just a bit too readily, indicates that it isn't just fine, it's "yes, I would like gelato, my body screams out for food and I would like to silence it with something that only barely qualifies, such as gelato." ]

We can do that, after. [ Since he's being just absolutely forced into spending! time! with Hidaka! and it's, you know, such a chore. That, at this point, he almost feels like he volunteers for. If they didn't go out on a regular basis, Fushimi thinks he'd feel even more bored, which is a sign of. Something, probably. ]
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[ The word fine is on the tip of Fushimi's tongue, but he stops before he says it. Not everything can be fine; the word is starting to lose its own meaning, fall freeform into a gibberish that only sounds like Japanese in tone. So he cuts it back into something more honest: ]

The same as ever. [ And then, glancing at Hidaka with a bit of a sidelong look; ] You work there, too. [ Fushimi's job isn't that different from Hidaka, aside from the fact that Hidaka gets involved in social functions more often and gets dragged into Munakata's office considerably less. ]

There hasn't been anything interesting happening in awhile. [ Actually, it's been kind of monotonous; the same fights with HOMRA, the same issues with strains, the same everything. It's part of the reason he can't be too upset about this weird habit of dinner dates -- at least it's something a little out of the ordinary.

Fushimi's bored of being bored. It's nice to feel at least a little engaged, even if the entire thing is... confusing. ]
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Why aren't they? [ It's a semi-rhetorical question; he and Munakata have both been puzzling over it, and he doesn't doubt that Awashima has, too. There's only so much of a lull in activity Fushimi can believe in before he starts to get suspicious, and while he may be erring on the side of suspicion too early, he'd rather that than anything else.

He gives in, fidgets a little, rearranges the table settings slightly into a more uniformed appearance. It's hardly necessary, but he doesn't have a keyboard under his fingers, and his hands are always itching to do something. It'd be ruder than he cares to be to mess with his PDA when he's out for food with a -- with -- with Hidaka, and his only other bad habit is touching his scarred out HOMRA mark, which seems somehow dishonest, whe he's with Hidaka. ]

There's a reason for it, if it continues. A plan... though there's no guarantee it's a good one. [ He thinks back on some of the plans that people have tried to pull before; how many gangs HOMRA stamped out that thought they'd have the upper hand; how many things Scepter 4 has done, from rescuing cat strains stuck in trees to taking care of babies to helping make sure that Japan is safe as a whole. ]

I've been keeping as much of an eye on the online boards as I can, but even there I haven't noticed much.

[ Which isn't saying much, since, JUNGLE and all. ]
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It wasn't assigned. [ He's just doing it because he needs something to do when he's stubbornly not sleeping. Fushimi walks a fine line between trying not to sleep in an attempt to ward off any potential nightmares, and trying to sleep often enough that he won't outright hallucinate them, as he has more than once in his life.

Not recently, at least. He's gotten pretty good at toeing the line between the two extremes. ]

I made a script to help sort out anything that might be interesting. [ He's not really sure why he's explaining it, but -- well, Hidaka always seems so interested in the things that Fushimi does. It's kind of charming, even if Fushimi isn't actually all that used to talking about himself or what he's doing.

It's nice, though, just to talk again. Even if he'd rather not admit it. ]

It's accurate enough that it's not as time consuming a job.
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[ It takes a second of nearly unconscious thought for Fushimi not to automatically move back, but in the end -- he doesn't. He doesn't let himself analyze it (Hidaka is safe; Hidaka is a coworker; Hidaka is the closest thing he has to the f-word these days) because it's ultimately pointless.

If Fushimi thinks about things too much, he usually just winds up trying to sabotage them. He's aware of it, even if he isn't ever quite sure if he wants to fix anything. ]

It took -- a few days. [ A lot of overtime and coffee, but Scepter 4 knows better, as a whole, than to try and make Fushimi stop avoiding sleep or drinking so much coffee, at this point. Munakata only made him go back to the dorms once. ]

The hardest part was narrowing down the best keywords. I -- [ he hesitates for just a second, because is Hidaka really interested? but it seems like it, so -- ]

I set it to automatically look up who was posting. If I can easily find where they're posting from, they're useless.

[ JUNGLE, after all, is the one thing that Fushimi can't crack. ]